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House in Koiwa

The plan is to repair the wooden house which has been built for about 30 years as a residence for the two families of parents and their child’s family. We decided to keep the appearance of the house where people have lived until then as it is and look for a new dwelling style with arranging the conditions of pillar position, bearing wall position, roof shape, and opening position etc. 

Before the construction, we take all the things except the pillars and beams of the house inner part to pieces. The condition of the house body was revealed by leaving the house skeleton. As the shortages of reinforcing metal and antiseismic wall etc. were found in spite of being planned by new earthquake resistance standards, we change the house into the structure conforming to the prevailing laws and regulations by conducting the seismic strengthening as well as setting metal fittings anew. 

Originally, the house has the relatively large space where LDK in which the family gathers was arranged on the first floor and single rooms such as bedrooms and child’s rooms on the second floor, and it was the two-storied house which has the general structure. We allocate the parents’ household to the first floor and the child family’s household to the second floor. On the parents’ household on the first floor, we combine the living space compactly with following the existing layout. On the child family’s household on the second floor, the number of the family will increase in the future, so there was the worry to feel narrow in that case. However, they can feel the expanse of the space by securing air volume sterically. We don’t change the existing bearing walls or truss as much as possible. We create some wellholes and a ceil at the upper part and connect the spaces like weaving the existing body structure. 




構造:木造 地上2階



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