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The compact house in Kuramae

The planned place faces the so-called downtown area like a narrow alley. There are quite a few communities in the alley. This house promotes neighboring interchange by the extension of the alley by having the first floor connected to the street with an open dirt floor. We planned a house in which residents would be able to live efficiently moving back and forth on the short ladder-formed casual stairs, while wisely designing the DK on the second floor and a private room on the third floor, which is expected to secure a privacy level. Natural light falls on the lower floor from the high sidelight of the top through the gap of the tread.  We made a gentle air current at the same time and fixed a constant indoor warm temperature environment in the dwelling unit.

The shape of the site is slim with a frontage of 3.3 m and depth of 9 m. Due to laws and regulations, including the restricted zone, the building is required to be fireproof if it surpasses a certain size even if it is a relatively small house. On the contrary, we can secure a relatively large floor space if the restrictions in the building area consider the advantage of not being restricted, even if the land is small.

The outer wall and structural body should be fireproof.  The main body of the building should be light based on the ground situation. To secure internal space as much as possible, the constitution of the steel frame material and finishing materials should be slim and lightweight. The method of construction should keep the clearance from the border of the site to the building to a minimum. The structure and outer wall materials are decided basically automatically based on these conditions.




構造・規模:鉄骨造 地上3階