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Nishihara Apartments

We were thinking we wanted to make an open community with those who live together. Of course, we don’t mean to compel them to open the community. They can open it whenever they want, and they should have the degree of freedom which enables them to keep a feeling to distance as well when they don’t feel like opening the community. The reason why this building was named ‘Nishihara-no-Nagaya’ is that the sound of ‘Nagaya’ is associated with a lively community of housemates which may appear in Japanese comic stories.

Residents in 6 households live here. On the distance, they can see each other when they wave their hands. They can talk mutually when they open the windows. We aimed at such a casual and familiar relationship.

4 buildings stand from the ground floor where there is a courtyard to the top with leaving a reasonable space, and step-type bridges connect the buildings. We refrained from the buildings’ bulk with being conscious of the way of the wind blowing through the spaces of neighboring houses and the contact point with the neighboring courtyard. To make more natural light reach living spaces on the ground floor, we made the exterior walls of each building facing the courtyard incline, and light and winds reach the basement floors thanks to it.

To secure many of over 40㎡ rooms which have merits on tax system, the rental room part was divided into the 4 buildings with utilizing the bridges. As a result, we acquired the highly flexible dwelling unit plan which copes with various requests from residents. With each unit keeping its independent relationship, the lives of the neighbors living together appear and disappear from various sizes of windows and the roof terrace.

On the indoor thermal environment, we made it a condition to fulfill Next-Generation Energy Efficiency Standards from the beginning, and we focused on the point that people whose lifestyles are different live together because the buildings are a tenantable housing. In particular, we considered the indoor thermal environment of winter when the energy load is big and provided the residence on the ground floor where the owner spends a long time of a day with the hot water and heat storage type floor heating by a gas water heater. We established electric heating panel type floor heating in the rental room parts on the upper floors with considering the speed of heat rising and initial costs. Then, we are planning to keep the fundamental heat quantity of the entire buildings with utilizing the merits of gas and electricity.




主要用途:長屋 地下1階地上3階





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