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板橋本町の長屋 -CASABBELA-

板橋本町の長屋  -CASABELLA- 





Rowhouse in Itabashi-Honcho  -CASABELLA-

The site is located in a quiet residential area near loop road No.7(kan-na-na-dori). The area is a first-class residential district, with a building-to-land ratio of 60%. The buildings are generally two to three stories high. The skyline, kept low by setbacks, continues from the street. The pentagonal site has a north-south elevation difference of 2 meters and is surrounded by roads on three sides. When planning a rental residence on this site, we saw many possibilities for a skip-floor row house. If planned as a row house, the entrance could be distributed over a long street, ensuring the independence of each residence. It is also easier to create an open environment to the street.


To plan the interior area of the building as large as possible, it is effective to use a plan shape that offsets the shape of the site. And by utilizing the calculation of the sky coverage ratio, the disadvantageous where the upper floors are cut off by the diagonal of the street can be eliminated. The calculations were repeated and adjusted according to the offset dimensions of the site shape and the sky coverage calculations. This process expanded the interior space as if pushing it out little by little. Finally, the expanded volume converged to a shape that overhangs the base form. This operation restored the volume ratio to 96.2% of the limit.


 The small spaces thus expanded are a proposal for a way of living. Each becomes a place to express the lifestyle of the resident. By adopting a skip floor, a high degree of openness and flexibility was achieved. We expect that each of these spaces will appeal to the individuality of the residents, not only as a mere residence, but also as a base for small business, a store, an atelier, and so on.

概要 建築概要の【PDF版】



構造・規模:RC造 地上3階・地下1階

敷地面積  98.85㎡

建築面積  62.40㎡

延床面積 225.81㎡


A室(地下1階・1階) 50.40㎡

B室(地下1階・1階) 60.19㎡

C室(2階・3階)   49.62㎡

D室(2階・3階)   52.45㎡


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